About Us


Well, that would be me, and I am Shane Carrol, pleased to meet you!

I have been involved directly and indirectly with manufacturing for over 35 years and have looked after some key Australian customers such as Hoover, Electrolux, Sunbeam, Holden and Ford Motor Companies, with heavy involvement within their QC divisions for the supply of high pressure aluminium and zinc die-casting’s and injection mouldings.

Shane Carrol
Shane Carrol – CEO

I have had extensive experience in the automotive wheel and tire industry, furniture industry and have run manufacturing plants involved with powder coating, wet spray high end finishing, vacuum metalizing, deep drawer pressings, anodising and assembly line production.

For the past 18 years I have travelled extensively throughout Asia visiting hundreds of factories and looking at thousands of products and have also developed, re-engineered or improved many products to suit a Western market eg, Australia, USA, UK.

I have lived in Shanghai for almost 6 years and Guangzhou for 3 years, of which my wife and I now call home. For a number of years I had been on a very steep learning curve and the learning is never ending as the factories, good and bad, big and small, almost always come with production or quality issues.

Lily Carrol
Lily Carrol

We have been amongst the lucky ones to have survived the learning and I have met hundreds of people who have some real horror stories and did not survive.

Why am I bothering to do this type of work for others????

  1. I know how hard it can be to succeed when starting to deal with Suppliers from China and how easy it is to lose your savings when starting out.
  2. Genuinely I want to give some affordable help specifically to people starting out with importing from China and also relieve the pressure for the experienced buyers.
  3. I completely enjoy looking at and inspecting different products
  4. I have a passion for Product Photography either simple evaluation shots or full product shots.
  5. I am hoping that from the evaluation stage it will feed my other passion and lead to actual product photography services that I can also offer you at good rates.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider our services and give you my personal assurance that you will get absolute value for your money.