Air Freight and Freight Logistics

Air Freight and Freight Logistics

We work with 12 different shipping companies to ensure we can offer the most reliable service at very competitive prices. They all do regular shipments into FBA facilities and can offer General Air and shipments with well known carriers such as UPS / FedEX / DHL / TNT.

We offer free quote estimates based on what information you can provide and in most cases we have been able to negotiate a better deal than what your factories/suppliers have offered. Ship with confidence from your supplier in China to Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) facilities or your own warehouse or showroom anywhere in the world.

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  •  Please fill out as much detail as possible to ensure an accurate quote is given. Required fields are highlighted with a RED asterix.
  • If you do not yet know the carton dimensions, QTY or carton weights then we must know the total cbm and total weight. If you do have this information then we can fill in the Total cbm & Total weights for you.
  • You can type in the fields or copy and paste into them.

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Enter your cargo details below. For mixed cargo of different products of different sizes and weights, more Cargo Detail sections will appear automatically and you may fill them in if required.

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Enter the Address or addresses you need the cargo delivered to. As you begin to fill in the address and quantity fields more address and quantity field pairs will automatically appear for multiple delivery destinations if required.
Enter any further addresses if required more than ten are required. Don't forget to also include the number of cartons.
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Price includes freight, customs clearance in China and Destination Country, and all associated fees excluding items listed below.


*Any duty, tariffs or taxes that may be applicable except when quoted as DDP (Inc Duty).
*Additional fee if supplier requests to do customs declaration to gain export tax rebate.
*Customs exam fee at receiving port if goods/container is flagged for a customs inspection. (This does not happen often, but does happen and cannot be pre-determined)
“Quote valid to **** 2020”

1. If you require insurance for the shipment, please advise! Min Charge is $35 or 0.3% of Cargo Value.
2. Any duty or taxes will be billed at cost when shipped as DDU – Ex Duty/Tariffs/VAT/GST.
3. DDU shipments that may incur Duty/Tariffs/VAT/GST, we will pre-pay on your behalf including the Brokers fee of US$35 for submission and their bank fees. We will invoice you separately once we get the final duty bill.
4. The final cost will depend on the final weight and size of the shipment.
5. Transit Time Estimates are based on when the goods depart China.
6. Payment for shipping is due upon invoice prior to departure.
7. Our quotes do not cover any Bank or PayPal Fees and must be covered by the customer.