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Company Name: Going Crazy Imports
Contact Name: Crazy John
Phone Number: +61 2 9455 21219
Mobile Number: +61 414 2627779
Enter Address Details: 1 More Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
Email: info@goingcrazyimports.null
Website: http://www.goingcrazyimports.null
Skype: crazyjohn76...
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Company Name: Ningbo Plastics xyz Ltd
Contact Name: Mr Spacely
Phone Number: 05 5555 5555
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Enter Address Details: 50 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, China
Skype: xyzspacey22
QQ Name: 264577q
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Item Description: Retractable Dog Lead with Light
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Level 1 - Basic Evaluation Request  
Typical Inspection Points  
Inspection Point What is in the Box
Inspection Point Description There should be 1 x Retractable Dog Lead colour Blue
  Received 1 x Blue Retractable Dog Lead via SF Couriers 1/6/2014
Inspection Point External Packaging
Inspection Point Description N/A
  Sample came bubble wrapped in a sachet.
Inspection Point Product Packaging - Must be good quality blister pack with hanging eyelet.
Inspection Point Description Blister pack is strong with eyelet but sample badly scratched.
Inspection Point Package Labelling - Must state "Made in China"
Inspection Point Description Does State "Made in China"
Inspection Point Product Labelling - Must be readable and understandable.
Inspection Point Description The text is the wrong colour and very difficult to read. The text is also Chinglish and does not read correctly. States to have super bright Krypton Beam ???
Inspection Point Product Finish - Must be reasonable quality and free from distortion, burs and marks.
Inspection Point Description The product itself is sturdy without distortion or significant "Sink Marks", has a few burs and rough edges on the lead lock button, ** The product as packed has significant scratches on both faces.
Inspection Point Product Approximate Dimensions - Not Required.
Inspection Point Description Width & Height measurements.
Inspection Point Key Measurement Points - Retractable Lead Length.
Inspection Point Description Test of inspection point - Length and cord thickness.The retractable lead length is 4.4m and there is a 40cm Strap from retractable cord to collar clip. The lead is 1.82mm thick.

Inspection Point Basic Moving Parts - All moving parts must actually move.
Inspection Point Description All moving parts do work however, see battery compartment notes/images.
Inspection Point Basic Working Parts - Light must work, lead must retract well and be able to lock, light switch must function.
Inspection Point Description Light and switch work fine, Lead retracts well, Locking the lead can be by holding button in or fixed.
Inspection Point Batteries - Must not be included.
Inspection Point Description Batteries must be easily replaced and connection points sturdy with good contact. Batteries are not included in the pack, Connection points are good, To replace the battery is a little difficult and you must lift the housing and then pull back the lever with you finger nail. There is no instruction and I think many women may have some issue with replacing the batteries or break finger nails.

Inspection Point Light Illumination.
Additional Inspection Point There are 4 x Led’s and illuminated distance is good for 6-8 Feet. Hand Grip Clearance - There is good clearance and would suite large or small hands and is comfortable to hold.
Additional Inspection Point none
Level 2 - Detailed Evaluation Request  
Inspection Points Level 2 inspection was not applicable for this product.
Additional Comments The product seems robust for it’s purpose and appears to work ok. 
The external packaging is good but was rather marked and dirty indicating that it was an old sample.
The scratching on the faces of the product are significant and could not have been missed during production or when sample had been sent, so this could indicate the supplier has total lack of care about what they are selling or in fact they are a trading company that have actually purchased all factory rejects and this is the condition that your whole order will consist of.
The rough spots on the locking button are minor but should be considered.
With very poor wording on the packaging, the difficulty to change the batteries and the deep scratching on the product you may want to consider another supplier.