Product Photography Charges

Note! Our service charges do not cover Bank or PayPal fees.

At Unique Photografix, we offer fixed price per product image or 360 deg Product Rotation based on what category they fall into. *multiple products in the one shot will incur an extra fee.

What does a Standard Product Photography shoot Include?

Standard Shoot Includes Description Image
Professionally Shot Your images are professionally shot using Nikon top-end cameras and all Nikon Premium lenses. Images are shot on a white background as standard but there will be some cases that this is not possible due to product size/colour or transparency and will require deep etching at an additional fee. Nikon D4 Camera
Smudge and Dirt Removal Your product is gently cleaned for smudges and minor dirt removal. Glasses Clean
Compressed Air Compressed air used for dust removal. Glasses Clean
Standard Retouching Standard Retouching, Levels/Tone Adjustments and a colour profile is created specific to your product to ensure the image is as close to the product colour as possible. Colour Checker
Multi Format Images Multi format images for Web or Print with 2 different folders for each image format. Two Folder
Internet Delivery Internet delivery and Free storage (min 12mths). Dropbox Logo
Royalty Free Royalty Free usage. Copyright
Express Service How long does it take for a standard photo shoot? We allow 5-7 days as a general rule once we have received the product and you have completed the Photography Request Form and forwarded to us with confirmation. In many cases the photo shoot will be earlier at our discretion however, if you have an urgent job that must be shot within 2 days there will be a 50% surcharge providing we are able to confirm a time slot is possible. Express Service

Optional Extras

Product Photography
  • Additional Folders per file type if more than the standard 2 inclusive File Type folders are required (file type folders constitute a set of files at a single selected size of your choice and file extension eg; jpeg, png, 72 dpi for web, 300 dpi for print. The additional fee is for set-up, maintenance and storage of your extra files and is only charged by folder – not by image.
  • Product Reflections – these are done on a reflective surface and can enhance many products to set them apart from the rest.
  • Deep Etching – This is where we cut the image away from the background so it can then be placed on a different background or composted into another image or multiple images. Veils and Chiffon will incur an extra charge.
  • Express 2 day turn around.
  • Additional retouching to fix poor quality product.
  • Basic Props or Basic Functionality

The prices below will outline a number of options to cover most requirements and if there is anything not completely clear we ask that you contact us prior to booking the job as we do not believe in charging for hidden extras and wish for our customers to completely understand all their options before commencing.

Price List May 2017 – in US$ (Special rates for Amazon Sellers)

Please note that the prices shown are special rates exclusively for Amazon Sellers as well as our regular price.
Prices are for “Standard Category” images being small to medium size, not too complex and without highly reflective surfaces.

Photography Type Price (Amazon Sellers) Price (regular) Product Image
Single Product Images $19.95 per image $48 per image Make Up Case
Group Product Images First product is $19.95
and each other product is $5.50
First product is $48
and each other product is $11.50
Black and White Vert 2 with Accessories
(if a product is as a set and we shoot images within it packaging then this will be classed as a Single Product Image. If multiple products are removed from packaging and shot as a a group then the 1st item is $19.95 and each other is $5.50. If multiple products are removed from the packaging and shot individually then each will be charged as a single image shot.)

360 Degree Rotations

These are shot at a 1:1 size ratio, 72dpi and can be created in many sizes such as 400 x 400, 700 x 700, 1000 x 1000, 2000 x 2000 however the larger the size the the larger it will open on your screen and the larger the file size. (400 x 400 is a good average).

You also have the option for them to be created with or without high zoom capability.

360° Photography Type Price (Amazon Sellers) Price (regular) Description
24 shot (frame) rotation at 72 dpi $60 $120 This is the most common selection.
30 shot (frame) rotation at 72 dpi $80 $160 This will give a smoother rotation but a bigger file size.
Express Service + 50% surcharge + 50% surcharge If you have an urgent deadline and need a guarantee the job will be done within 2 days.

Do you want more than just the standard product shot?

Photography Extra Price (Amazon Sellers) Price (regular) Product Image
Basic Props $5.50 per image $11.50 per image
Basic Functionality
Sometimes you might just want to stand out a bit more from your competitors or show a setting or functionality of your product. This can be done to a basic level in camera or you can choose to have a graphic designer do it post production. The choice is completely yours.
$5.50 per image $11.50 per image Make Up Case
Combined Props and Functionality $11.50 per image $23 per image
Reflective surfaces require special set up and attract an extra fee.
$5.50 per image $11.50 per image Make Up Case
Shadows $5.50 per image $11.50 per image Make Up Case
Macro Photography
Photographing tiny items and jewellery can be very challenging and requires special skill and equipment.
$5.50 per image $11.50 per image Make Up Case
Large Objects
Photographing larger items of over 90cm on the longest side can be very challenging and requires special setup.
$5.50 per image $11.50 per image Portable Sauna
Change of background $3 per image $6 per image
We shoot standard on a white background however if you require the product to be shot on an alternate background within the same shoot.

Deep Etching/Transparent Background – Standard Category

You may want to group/composite a number of images together, onto different backgrounds or you graphic designer may want to composite it into your brochure or packaging and needs your image on a transparent.

What you get. Photo editing service.
Number of Images Price (Amazon Sellers) Price (regular)
1-5 Items $5.50 per image $11.50 per image
6 or More Items $4.50 per image $9.50 per image

Compositing a Deep Etched image with Background,

and other Overlaying Graphics

Number of Images Price (Amazon Sellers) Price (regular)
1-5 Items $5.50 per image $11.50 per image
6 or More Items $4.50 per image $9.50 per image

Clothing, Huge items, Complex or high detail, Veils and Chiffon, Items shot in nature scene or on site photography shoot – Price On Application

** As setting up for a photo shoot can be very time consuming we have a minimum order charge of $50.

** All prices are US$ excluding any taxes.

** Prices shown are for the images you select for final processing and you only pay for what you pick and not the complete shoot of images.