Sample Consolidation

Consolidate Sample Packages

If you have multiple samples needing to be sent from multiple suppliers in China, we can help.

Don’t pay a minimum of $50 shipping per sample and not know if you will ever get it or what condition it will be in.

When you have a number of samples coming from different suppliers then we can consolidate them all together for you into the one parcel and courier them to you. This will can save you considerable money and the more you have , the more you save. We also check to ensure the goods are not broken before shipping and the re-pack the samples into new boxes to reduce the size as much as possible, while ensuring they are packed securely.

a.) We would send you a basic form to complete for each Supplier eg; their details, what the goods are, the qty and what value you want them to be declared as.

b.) We would advise you of the delivery address to have the goods sent to.

c.) We would also send a very simple form for the factory to make sure that they include inside each parcel so the information matches with what you have shown on your request form and then I can easily know who the goods have arrived from. (this is part of form – a.)

d.) When the goods arrive we would give each product a quick check to ensure they are not broken and send you a simple phone image as each item arrives so you can verify it is correct.

e.) Goods would be re-packed in the most suitable box to reduce shipping cost, but also to give the product enough packing to reduce risk of damage. Any new shipping cartons will be charged at cost.

f.) We would send you a commercial invoice to complete for the consolidated items and email or Skype back to us.

g.) Depending of what the goods are, dimensions and weight, will determine the cost and who we send the goods with. We mostly EMSDHLFedExUPSSF Express.  ** We do not use China Post Snail Mail **
The Pre-Covid19 minimum courier cost for up to 500g to the USA is about US $18UK $23 and to AU is US $28.

h.) We have a handling fee of US $28 for goods from up to 3 different suppliers (this covers 1 delivery per supplier and for standard size boxes.) and then US $7.50 for each additional supplier. (excludes any delivery costs). Note! Large to oversize box deliveries will be an extra $7 Handling Fee per delivery.

i.) Some goods have restrictions or special requirements e.g., batteries, paints, gels, liquids and that will be advised on a case by case situation.

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