Sample Inspection Charges

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Sample Inspection
Sample Inspection
Sample Inspection

For such a small investment from as little as US $50, it could mean the difference between success or potential failure. Chinese factories, or Agents, will gladly take your money, yet do not return it and are very reluctant to repair or fix anything, and this unfortunately, is not just limited to small companies.

Sample Inspection and Verification will not be the answer to all of the issues that you will most likely experience with Chinese suppliers, however it will substantially reduce your risk of total loss and/or alert you to key elements and flaws that will be necessary to have fixed and resolved, prior to you handing over your security deposit.

Number of Items Charges
Single Item Product US $50 per item
2 or More Items in a set. US $50 plus US $5 per extra item

Example: If the product is a set of 3 items and they all need inspecting, measuring, weighing etc, then the fee would be the initial US $50 plus US $5 for the additional 2 items so the Total cost = US $60