I’ve never known anybody work as hard to look after their customers as Shane. He works across multiple time zones and always goes the extra mile to ensure issues are dealt with and communicated effectively. He is experienced, knowledgeable and 100% reliable – it is a breath of fresh air to work with Shane as he takes away the headache of International dealings. This is invaluable for my business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shane’s services.

Claire Jefferies

I first came across Shane through word of mouth. The person who referred me to him couldn’t stop raving about how professional and down to earth he was. At the time I had just embarked on my new Amazon business and was in need of a person on the ground in China to help me out with a variety of business tasks – in particular, sample inspection and product photography.

Not only did Shane help me through the initial stages of getting all my product shots done but he went over and above what I required and offered sound advice on the whole exporting from China process. Shane was incredibly knowledgeable as he has done it himself for 15 years so he knows the game really well.

Shane was so incredibly helpful and guided me through each step ensuring that I knew exactly what was happening and when I would receive the product shots. Not only that but when I had my supplier send the product to Shane in Guandong to be photographed, Shane also sent me courtsey images of the product when it arrived so I could see if there was any damage. Based on this, he also made really useful suggestions about what thickness the carton packing boxes should be when shipping my product from China to the USA so no damage would occur in transit. This alone would have saved me a packet in damaged goods.

When I received the product shots I was incredibly impressed with the quality and angles Shane used. He went out of his way to get just the right shot based on my requirements. I also requested some composite shots (i.e. having my product super imposed into stock photos) and his design team were great at creating the look I wanted to achieve – not to mention that the shots looked real and not poor quality, amateurish Photoshop images from Fiverr. Shane also has a comprehensive grasp on Amazon’s imagery requirements and all the product shots I received were ready to upload as soon as I received them.

In terms of sample inspections, Shane does a thorough report on each item. I simply got my supplier to send them to him (in China) and he did a full report on them. This limits the costs – as suppliers will often charge a lot to send individual samples overseas. Instead Shane will bundle them up for you and send them in one package.

Shane also travels all over China to inspect supplier factories for his clients. Although I haven’t had the need to use this service at this stage, based on the quality of the work Shane has already undertaken for me I would definitely engage him to do this for me. I trust that he will be my eyes and ears and give me an honest appraisal.

Communication was excellent. Shane kept me up to date with everything he was doing and met all the deadlines needed. Shane is a total professional.

No task is too big – just ask and he will deliver.

If you want a painless process with exceptional results then look no further. What more could I say other than – Shane is your man!


Thank you for sharing the photos! I’m very impressed by the results and it’s honestly been difficult picking our favorites. I moved a number of the photos into the “Yes” folder on Dropbox. We’ll have everything we need with those.

You seriously did an amazing job! The whole process of launching a new product has its ups and downs and it’s refreshing to have such a positive experience this close to the end. Much appreciated. I look forward to working with you on future products as well!

Kind Regards,

Hi Shane! We got our first feedback about your wonderful photos – thank you, again, for such a wonderful job!
Thought to forward the lady’s comment to you. She is in our group so she knows good images.
Best wishes,


“Your page looks good and is informative. But what really stood out to me were your pictures. They are really great! I wouldn’t have had to read hardly any of the description because the pics said it all. Great job!”


Sample Checkers were recommended to me by a friend, and it was probably the best recommendation I received whilst starting up my new business. Shane has done a factory inspection, organised freight of my products to USA & UK and done my product photography. He is amazing, the man never sleeps! He is always just a Skype message away and has held my hand and help me bring my business to where it is now. Huge thank you to Shane and all at Sample Checkers!

Amanda Greaves

I love using Sample Sale Checkers! Shane is amazing to work with. I trust him completely and he is my eyes and ears before I select a product that I will produce. He is extremely thorough when it comes to checking the quality of the goods. He is also a great photographer and he always works with me to get the best shots. I have also used him for checking out the factory prior to shipping out goods. I highly recommend Shane for all your needs. I am truly blessed that I have him and will continue to work with him for many years to come.

Dianna Feldman

I needed a Chinese company to not only consolidate my samples but also check the items I had purchased before shipping to the USA. Sample Checkers were recommended as the right people to use and they have not let me down. Their response to problems has been terrific and they are always willing to send a quick photo to show you any problems.
We have been saved a heap of returns by the work of Sample Checkers and would always use them before shipping product from China, no matter how reputable the company that’s making it for you.

Roger Burke

Selecting samplecheckers.com as our post-production inspection team and freight forwarder was a brilliant decision for my business. Shane understands Amazon FBA and he understands the process from “door to door.” He was our eyes and ears on the ground in China, and he gave real peace of mind throughout the evolution.

Shane’s thorough and deliberate post-production inspection gave my team the quantitative data my business needed to determine the right course of action regarding inventory and the subsequent shipment to the U.S. Shane under-promised and over-delivered in all facet of the processes. 100% recommend Sample Checkers!

Mat Boatright | Owner, Corps Legacy, LLC

Shane has done great work for us, getting absolutely clean and precise images that leaves nothing to the imagination. His photography makes our products look professional, making our customers feel at ease that it was not done in someone’s garage. Every detail is sharp and defined, so that our they know exactly what they are getting, and can feel confident in the product’s function and durability.
Highly recommended!

John Fallentine

We started working with Shane shortly after we formed our e-commerce business for his product photography and freight services. What impresses me the most about Shane is his attention to detail and level of service which always goes above and beyond expectations. His product photography is professional, perfect for our requirements and meets the standards required for selling on the major marketplaces – Shane’s a perfectionist and he won’t send anything he isn’t satisfied with.

We also rely on Shane to organize our shipping from China to the USA – originally our manufacturer handled our shipping, but we soon switched to Shane as his quotes were far more cost effective. Again, he goes out of his way, scouring the market for the best shipping quotes from trusted freight forwarders. Shane monitors our shipments and keeps us up to date whenever we need him, always on hand to help. I swear this man doesn’t sleep! I wouldn’t want to use anyone else.

David Morris
Portal Retail R&M LTD

Sample Checkers is one of our most valued partners in our import & Amazon business. They have given us confidence in our ability to control and maintain our quality control before it arrives to US shores. This is proven to be invaluable to our growth and future as a respected brand.
We also appreciate the savings, knowledge and experience in checking our samples for sourcing, this saves us weeks in the process of sourcing, not to mention the time/expense to ship the samples all the way to the USA to discover that the samples are terrible. Shane provides a detailed report on the samples that is a direct reflection of his experience and expertise that we often use in our negotiation and final product features.

Jason & Tiffany

I have used Sample Checkers as my sample inspection service several times and couldn’t recommend highly enough. It gives me peace of mind that the production run has gone smoothly and the confidence to ship my order. Shane has also provided me with excellent freight rates and has overseen shipments for me via his freight forwarder.
Shane is extremely knowledgeable about all things “China” and is the crucial missing link when dealing with suppliers. On several occasions, my supplier’s translation has not been clear regarding rules and regulations of Chinese exportation. Shane has stepped in and explained what my supplier is trying to say and also what they are trying to achieve – leaving me in a far stronger position to negotiate and achieve a positive outcome for both parties.

He is honest, has an amazing work ethic and clear and concise.

I wouldn’t deal with China without him.

Vicky Hines

We have used Sample checkers over the past couple of years. It is great to have someone in China as your eyes and ears to review factories for us. We have found Shane really flexible for QA checks and assisting us with suggestions on additional quality checks. Great to receive real-time photos as the inspection takes place of not only our goods but also the factory to keeps our minds at rest.

We have also used Shane for competitive freight quotes to Amazon in USA. You really need someone who knows how to deal with Amazon on your side and you can’t go wrong with Shane. Add to that a good sense of humour and you can’t really go wrong can you?

Many thanks,
Simon Wrangham

Before we started working with Shane we were spending a fortune having samples shipped to us for checking and photography and losing valuable time waiting for samples to arrive, only to discover that the sample wasn’t correct and we had to start all over again.

Now we send our samples to Shane for checking and verification. Once we’ve approved the sample, Shane does our product photography – its now that simple! It has saved us both time and money.

Shane is honest, professional and a talented photographer. His year’s of experience in product sourcing and dealing with Chinese factories and suppliers means that when he says a product is good, its good and when he say’s its not good enough, then its not! That knowledge alone can save you thousands!

Janie Bartlett
Dennis Parker
My Best Friend Is A Bag Pty LTD

I am very happy to recommend Shane and Sample Checkers. I have used him for a number of product photography sessions. The work he does is of a very high standard. In addition, Shane has conducted several pre-shipment inspections for me. Again, Shane has done a very thorough job. I am more than happy to recommend Shane and his services.

Mike Allsop

Shane provided me with excellent images for my Amazon listing. Specifying what you want is never an easy task but Shane’s friendly and profession approach made the whole process a joy. Nothing was too much trouble and the images were delivered on time and at the agreed budget. I would recommend Shane’s photographic services to anybody looking for crystal sharp product images.

CEO Premier Product Limited

Sample checkers has been a life saver for my business. Our first sample order from china was a disaster which we would have not known without a full sample inspection done by Shane. I have also used their photography services which were excellent as well.. They take care of all my product sourcing issues with amazing attention. I feel without their services I would have wasted allot of time and money checking samples myself. I feel very safe knowing that we have a friend/partner in Samplecheckers.

Priya D

Sample Checkers have been a truly reliable, responsive and value adding supplier to our start up business since we began sourcing in China. Shane is always happy to answer a stupid question and share the benefit of his knowledge, he takes a great photo, and will go the extra mile to ensure that we get a good deal on shipping. I regularly recommend Sample Checkers to other Amazon sellers, particularly those navigating the China market for the first time.

Liz Watts | CEO & Founder, Lone Wolf Active

I have had Shane at Sample Checkers do a range of work for me. He has inspected samples – and been extremely diligent and focused in looking for any flaw or potential set back in the products I have had sent to him. He has also provided excellent quality photos for me of my products in situ many times which has been a bonus to my product listing. I have more recently also engaged Shane in sourcing some shipping quotes and organizing shipping for me.

As this aspect of commerce is often fraught with difficulty it is wonderful having someone you can rely on to get you the best quote and to oversee the whole shipping process professionally. I highly recommend Shane for all aspects of his business. It takes away a lot of headaches for sellers having someone you can trust to do important checking, photos and shipping tasks.

Allison Brown